Military & Defense

Manufacturing precision components with utmost discretion

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and precision craftsmanship, SMS offers unparalleled CNC machining services to the Military and Defense Industry. Committed to accuracy, confidentiality, and tailored solutions, we ensure each component meets your specific demands, reinforcing our position as a trusted partner in the defense sector.


Inspired by industry-leading practices, Schott Manufacturing Solutions is equipped to serve the defense industry with unparalleled CNC machining services. We specialize in manufacturing precision military components using CNC Swiss lathes, ensuring the tightest tolerances and adherence to the highest standards of quality. From intricate fighter aircraft components to missile elements, we have the capability to build complex parts to your exact specifications.

Our machining experts work with lightweight and versatile materials such as stainless steel, Inconel, and titanium, ensuring the fabrication of military components with precise accuracy. With offerings like 5-axis milling and micromachining, Schott Manufacturing Solutions creates the most intricate military components at an affordable cost.

We understand the critical nature of the defense industry and ensure our products are an essential part of your operations. Our commitment to accuracy, precision, and confidentiality makes us a preferred partner for many leading defense companies.

Whether you require finely crafted components for military aircraft, naval helicopter guillotines, or any other specialized parts, Schott Manufacturing Solutions stands ready to provide the CNC Swiss machining services you need. 

Collaborate with us to benefit from our expertise and ensure the success of your next military operation.

The CNC machining technologies utilized in our operations


CNC mills are exceptionally adept at crafting geometric designs, meeting rapid production timelines. Our CNC prototyping capabilities encompass both 3-axis mills, suitable for various simple and complex parts, and 5-axis mills, allowing for enhanced precision and flexibility in creating intricate shapes, satisfying a broad range of manufacturing needs.


A CNC lathe machine utilizes computer-controlled precision to shape materials. Unlike manual lathes, it automatically processes material, such as metal, into desired forms. The intricate programming allows for exact control over cutting, enabling the creation of complex, symmetrical shapes. It's vital for tasks like cutting, drilling, and deformation.

Surface Grinder

A CNC surface grinder machine is a computer-controlled tool used to produce a smooth finish on flat surfaces. It employs a spinning wheel covered in rough particles to grind away minor deformities and imperfections. By automating the traditional grinding process, CNC surface grinders ensure high precision and uniformity, making them indispensable in many manufacturing settings.


A CNC saw machine is a computer-controlled cutting tool designed for accurately cutting various materials, including metal, wood, and plastic. By utilizing precise programming, CNC saws can follow complex patterns and specifications, ensuring accurate and repeatable cuts. These machines are often used in industries that require intricate shapes and high production volumes, combining efficiency with exactness.

Precision CNC machining solutions for uncompromised excellence

We offer specialized CNC machining for the defense industry, crafting precise components for applications like fighter aircraft and missiles. Committed to quality, affordability, and innovation, SMS provides tailored solutions that meet the stringent demands of military operations.

Precision Manufacturing for Aircraft

SMS’s expertise in 5-axis milling and micromachining enables the production of intricate components for fighter aircraft and helicopters. This ensures that these vehicles are equipped with parts that meet the exacting standards required for military operations.

Missile Component Fabrication

SMS can manufacture essential missile elements to exact specifications using CNC Swiss lathes. This enables the defense industry to have access to reliable and precise components crucial for missile guidance and functionality.

Naval Equipment Production

With a focus on using materials like stainless steel and titanium, SMS crafts highly specialized naval equipment, such as helicopter guillotines. This helps enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of naval warfare tools, thereby boosting maritime defense capabilities.

Affordable Solutions for Complex Parts

By offering CNC machining services that combine precision with cost-effectiveness, SMS makes it feasible for defense companies to acquire complex and specialized components without compromising their budget constraints. This fosters innovation and development within the defense sector.

Confidential and Secure Collaboration

Recognizing the sensitive nature of defense projects, SMS emphasizes confidentiality in all its CNC machining processes. This commitment to privacy ensures that all proprietary information and specifications are kept secure, making SMS a trusted partner for defense and military collaborations.

Know our advanced and versatile manufacturing capabilities

Discover our advanced and versatile manufacturing capabilities, where cutting-edge technology meets a commitment to precision and efficiency. Tailored to meet diverse needs, we handle everything from complex designs to unique materials, delivering quality every time.