Mass Production

Mass production in Longmont, CO

Explore SMS's comprehensive mass production services, where quality meets efficiency. From CNC machining to injection molding, our tailored solutions provide a seamless transition from prototyping to full-scale production.

SMS's comprehensive mass production services

Experience the advantage of partnering with SMS for your mass production needs. From ensuring impeccable quality to offering flexible manufacturing solutions, our services are designed to align with your unique requirements. Discover how our supplier oversight and project management expertise can streamline your production process and enhance efficiency.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality control procedures ensure that every product meets the highest industry standards, guaranteeing satisfaction with the final output.

Cost-Effective Solutions

By balancing quality and efficiency, We offers competitive pricing without sacrificing workmanship, making mass production more accessible.

Expert Supplier Oversight

We conduct thorough audits and monitoring of selected suppliers, providing regular reports, ensuring transparency, and reducing risks, all without the client traveling.

Flexible Manufacturing Options

With capabilities ranging from CNC machining to injection molding, We can handle diverse projects, providing tailored solutions that fit individual needs.

Time-Saving Project Management

Our experienced project management team ensures smooth communication and timely delivery, offering daily updates and immediate alerts to any potential delays, keeping the project on track.

The CNC machining technologies utilized in our operations


CNC mills are exceptionally adept at crafting geometric designs, meeting rapid production timelines. Our CNC prototyping capabilities encompass both 3-axis mills, suitable for various simple and complex parts, and 5-axis mills, allowing for enhanced precision and flexibility in creating intricate shapes, satisfying a broad range of manufacturing needs.


A CNC lathe machine utilizes computer-controlled precision to shape materials. Unlike manual lathes, it automatically processes material, such as metal, into desired forms. The intricate programming allows for exact control over cutting, enabling the creation of complex, symmetrical shapes. It's vital for tasks like cutting, drilling, and deformation.

Surface Grinder

A CNC surface grinder machine is a computer-controlled tool used to produce a smooth finish on flat surfaces. It employs a spinning wheel covered in rough particles to grind away minor deformities and imperfections. By automating the traditional grinding process, CNC surface grinders ensure high precision and uniformity, making them indispensable in many manufacturing settings.


A CNC saw machine is a computer-controlled cutting tool designed for accurately cutting various materials, including metal, wood, and plastic. By utilizing precise programming, CNC saws can follow complex patterns and specifications, ensuring accurate and repeatable cuts. These machines are often used in industries that require intricate shapes and high production volumes, combining efficiency with exactness.

Empowering industries across the USA with tailored mass-production solutions

SMS's mass production services fuel success across diverse U.S. industries. Leveraging CNC machining and injection molding expertise, we offer customized solutions in the defense, medical, aerospace, consumer electronics, and renewable energy sectors, driving efficiency and quality.

Defense Industry

For the defense sector, SMS’s advanced mass production capabilities can ensure the rapid and precise manufacturing of essential components for military vehicles, weaponry, and equipment. SMS can adhere to strict defense standards through CNC machining and other cutting-edge techniques, offering robust, reliable solutions that enhance national security.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry can utilize SMS’s mass production for fabricating complex aerospace components with utmost precision, including parts for commercial airliners, satellites, and spacecraft. With services like 5-axis milling, SMS focuses on quality, safety, and regulatory compliance, fostering innovation in aerospace engineering.

Telecommunications Industry

Telecommunications companies can leverage SMS’s mass production to produce intricate parts for network infrastructure, such as base stations, routers, and antennas. With timely delivery and quality control, SMS can support the rapid expansion of communication networks, meeting the growing connectivity demands.

Advanced Optics Industry

For companies specializing in advanced optics, SMS’s mass production services can fabricate precision optical components such as lenses, prisms, and mirrors. By utilizing CNC machining and precision molding, SMS can provide scalable solutions that meet the specialized requirements of optical instruments, enhancing technological advancements in medical imaging, scientific research, and more.

Know our advanced and versatile manufacturing capabilities

Discover our advanced and versatile manufacturing capabilities, where cutting-edge technology meets a commitment to precision and efficiency. Tailored to meet diverse needs, we handle everything from complex designs to unique materials, delivering quality every time.