Our Process

Understanding our precision-driven workflow

From the moment an idea takes shape to the time the final product leaves our facility, every step of our process at SMS is imbued with dedication and precision. Each project starts with an initial concept, where our experienced team of engineers collaborates with clients to fully understand their needs and specifications.

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The Discover phase begins with an initial consultation where we listen to our clients, understanding their needs, ideas, and vision for their projects.

This essential step ensures we are aligned with their goals. Once we gather this information, we perform a comprehensive project evaluation, assessing feasibility and optimal machining strategies. 

Next, project review ensures the client is fully satisfied with the plan before proceeding. The material selection subphase involves choosing the right materials that meet the project’s specifications and durability requirements. 

Finally, we develop a machining strategy, laying the groundwork for the Build phase.

Included in this phase

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Moving into the Build phase, the project’s blueprint is translated into precise CNC programming. This paves the way for the part machining subphase, where the raw materials are transformed into the desired parts using our advanced CNC machines.

Quality control checks are integral at this stage, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and precision throughout the build.

Surface treatment is then carried out to enhance the product’s appearance, durability, or performance as required. In cases where a project involves multiple components, the assembly phase ensures they are accurately put together to form the final product.

Included in this phase

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The Delivery phase marks the completion of the project but involves critical steps that further guarantee quality and customer satisfaction.

It starts with a final inspection, verifying that the finished product aligns perfectly with the design specifications and quality expectations. Our team then packages the product securely, ensuring its safe transportation.

The shipping phase gets the product to the client’s location as agreed upon. If the project calls for it, we also provide installation support. Finally, we believe in the importance of follow-up and feedback, as it allows us to understand the client’s experience with the product and continually improve our service.

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Our values

Uniting Steadfast Trustworthiness with Cutting-Edge Ingenuity at SMS

We gracefully blend the robustness of time-tested methodologies with the power of breakthrough technologies. Our unwavering commitment to reliability forms the core of our operations, while our pursuit of innovation drives us forward, allowing us to consistently deliver precision-machined components of exceptional quality and distinction.

Quality Commitment 

At Schott Manufacturing Solutions, we never compromise on quality. Our meticulous attention to detail and high standards ensure that each CNC machined part we produce meets and exceeds customer expectations and industry standards.


We constantly strive to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in CNC machining. We ensure superior performance and efficiency in our products and processes by continually evolving and integrating the latest technology.

Customer Focus

Every decision we make revolves around our customers. We aim to understand their needs and strive to exceed their expectations in every project we undertake. This customer-centric approach fuels our dedication to delivering exceptional service.